Granny Smith

Granny Smith 1.3.5

Racing for apples with physics and roller skates

Granny Smith is a fun arcade game where you race to collect apples before a plump apple thief steals them. View full description


  • Excellent gameplay
  • Great graphics
  • Easy controls


  • Some trial-and-error in later levels
  • Needs more levels

Very good

Granny Smith is a fun arcade game where you race to collect apples before a plump apple thief steals them.

A mix between a racing game and platformer, you control Granny Smith and the other two unlockable characters by using the touchscreen to make them jump or use their cane to grab wires. The game is fueled by physics action like Mediocre’s first game, Sprinkle.

The apple thief always has a head start in each level, but with good planning, you can quickly overtake him. Granny Smith features three areas with multiple levels in each location. The main goal is to collect the three apples located on each level, but also collect coins that can be used to purchase upgrades.

Granny Smith does not use the accelerometer at all, so spinning is entirely controlled by the holding the jump button. Early stages introduce the use of both the cane and jumping mechanics, but later levels require the combination of grabbing and jumping to maneuver over hazards in the level. One false jump can lead to a long fall into the pavement, which restarts the level.

It is not a difficult game, and finishing the 36 levels does not take that long, but Granny Smith is an addictive game. With the other unlockable characters, like Scruffy the Dog, Granny Smith becomes a humorous game to watch. A dog on roller skates performing 720 degree spins is always fun to watch, even more so when Scruffy misses a jump and slams directly into the side of a building.

Granny Smith is a fun, casual game. You can earn coins for upgrades or spend money in-app for more coins, but it is not actually necessary to complete the game. Granny Smith’s visuals show an original style that is even more optimized on a Tegra 3 device.

Granny Smith is an excellent hybrid physics game.


  • Leaderboards and achievements through Google Play Game Services. Challenge your friends and collect trophies!
  • Resume from lock screen bugfix on some phone models
  • Faster switch to main menu
Granny Smith


Granny Smith 1.3.5